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Sea Salt & Orchid

Our Sea Salt and Orchid fragrance is very smooth and elegant. It is infused with essential oils.  It has salty highlights that nicely compliment the soft calming floral middle notes. This is one scent that can easily be used all year long.



Sea Salt & Orchid Candle

  • Our wax is grown and harvested in the U.S.A. Our candles are lead, dye, and additive free.  We only use phthalate free fine oils and a cotton wick that enables our candles to have an even, long-lasting burn.


    9.0 oz. Tumber Jar Candle

    Our classic mid-sized all natural soy Tumbler Jar Candle is topped with a brushed silver lid. 


    16.0 oz. Status Jar Candle

    Our classic large all natural soy Status Jar Candle is topped with a brushed silver lid.


    Adhere to the warnings on the label to prevent damage and/or injury.

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